stoneware baking bowl, contemporary design, use for baking or as salad bowl, fruit bowl or anything you like.
Ciotola-Tortiera BAKING BOWL from €40.00
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cucchiai gres STONEWARE SPOONS
cucchiai gres STONEWARE SPOONS from €10.00
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beautifully handcarved wooden dessert spoon, available in walnut or ash wood
Cucchiaio WOOD DESSERT SPOON €14.00
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small larch trays, to use as an alternative under cup or to serve food on the table
Mini vassoi MINI WOODEN TRAYS €17.00
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piattino per tapas, gres, forma esagonale/ stoneware tapas plate, exagonal shape, modular.
piattino TAPAS PLATE €16.00
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Piatto DESSERT PLATE "cose semplici/SIMPLE THINGS" - giovelab
Piatto DESSERT PLATE "cose semplici/SIMPLE THINGS" €22.00
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simple and rustic stoneware cup, available with blu or brown rim or stripe
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tazza in gres rustica e confortevole, rustic stoneware mug
tazza NOISETTE MUG €23.00
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creare bellezza per la vita di tutti i giorni #inbeautywetrust


GIOVELAB è un piccolo, ma frizzante laboratorio trentino. Produciamo una linea per la tavola in porcellana, gres e legno dei nostri boschi. Ogni oggetto è realizzato interamente a mano, con amore ed infinita cura. Ci piace creare oggetti poetici, imperfetti e pieni di allegria, per addolcire la vita di tutti i giorni. Non tutto ciò che produciamo è presente in questa piccola boutique on line! LET'S TALK! Scriveteci e raccontateci i vostri desideri.
GIOVELAB is a small but sparkling ceramic studio based in Trentino, Italy. We produce an unconventional table collection made of porcelain, stoneware and wood from our land. Each item is handmade with love and yes, we do love making imperfect, poetic and joyful things for everyday life. Only a small part of our production is displayed here. LET'S TALK! Write and let us know your wishlist!

Giovelab :: In beauty we trust from Origami Videography on Vimeo.